Apility.io Search Engine History

Introducing Resource History: Trace your IP addresses, domains and email

Every day Apility.io’s scraping services analyze almost a hundred black and blocking lists distributed throughout the network. Between IP addresses, email and domains resource the number of active resources in our database fluctuate between 3 and 4 million items. Although this number of items is easily manageable with today’s technology, when we talk about the number of transactions carried out in the system, the numbers skyrocket.

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Apility.io Blacklist API Email Dashboard

Email Verification and Validation with Apility.io Scoring Service

The services offered by our API are like a digital Swiss Army Knife. They can always help you find a way to solve a problem or implement a solution in your applications. For example, the Email Scoring service can be used to perform bulk Email Verification and Validation. Email verification determines whether or not an email address is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves a deep analysis of each email, and this is what the Email Scoring service does.

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