Apility.io Command Line Interface

Introducing Apility.io Command Line Interface tool

Several weeks ago we announced our new Python client library. We love to see how our users not only use our API for their internal products and services, but also for their commercial products. This month we introduce the first command line interface (CLI) tool to access our API services. Using the Python Library we currently use for our in-house developments (we are a Python house) we have developed and hosted the source code on Github.

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cloudfront events

AWS CloudFront and Lambda@Edge example: How to flag a client as malicious

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is without a doubt the most successful public cloud services platform in the world, and within its almost unlimited set of services, there are two that fit very well with the kind of integrations that can be done with Apility.io. I’m talking about the CDN Cloudfront and Lambda@Edge as a serverless computing technology that can run on the ‘edge’ nodes of Cloudfront.

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Apilityio Annual plans

New Annual Subscription: Save 25% over monthly plans

One of the fundamental metrics of a SaaS business like Apility.io is how long a user will be our customer. Without going into many obscure details about marketing in a SaaS business, it is quite intuitive that the longer a customer is with us, the more profitable it will be for the company. A common way to’reward’ loyal customers is to offer annual subscription plans at a significant discount. In return for an upfront payment proportional to the 12-month subscription, the customer receives a substantial discount for his loyalty. For a company, annual subscriptions have the advantage of having’money in the bank’ that they can immediately use for investment. And the most popular investment is in customer acquisition.

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Apility Python Client Library

Introducing Apility.io Python library client

Some of our users have already successfully integrated our REST API into their applications thanks to the simplicity of our design and their skills as developers. We love to see how our users not only use our API for their internal products and services, but also for their commercial products. That’s why we’re going to push more and more the development of API clients for different languages, with the idea that more users can start using it by integrating with their services in the most simple way. This month we introduce the first client of our API for the Python language. This is Python Library we currently use for our in-house developments, as we are a Python house.

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Apility.io logo

What Cloud Provider is less tolerant to abusers?

I’ve always wondered what Public Cloud Provider is the favorite of the ‘bad guys’ to do the things the bad guys do. There are many factors that can make a provider a favorite compared to others, and I can think of them myself:

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Apility.io Service Zones

New service zone in Australia: New Sydney Satellite Deployed!

Our customer base grows on a daily basis. This means we have to deploy more service zones closer to the geographical regions where our customers are located. All this Service Zones or Satellites help us to deliver always the lowest latency possible to our users, no matter if they are in a Free or Paid plan, or if they are using the API anonymously. That’s why we have just launched a New service zone in Austalia for our users from Oceania.

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WHOIS lookup: going deeper into the details

When a cybersecurity expert performs threat intel work, he or she needs to contrast information from different sources to obtain the most detailed picture possible of the scenario he or she is investigating. One of these fundamental tools is the WHOIS service offered by the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs)…

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Apility.io Search Engine History

Introducing Resource History: Trace your IP addresses, domains and email

Every day Apility.io’s scraping services analyze almost a hundred black and blocking lists distributed throughout the network. Between IP addresses, email and domains resource the number of active resources in our database fluctuate between 3 and 4 million items. Although this number of items is easily manageable with today’s technology, when we talk about the number of transactions carried out in the system, the numbers skyrocket.

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Moocher.io bye bye

Moocher.io bye bye!

Starting tomorrow, January 31st, the API endpoints that were running the services of Moocher.io will be permanently disabled and all the users who are still using the endpoint in api.moocher.io will have to change it to api.apility.net. The capabilities of these services will not be reduced, on the contrary in Apility.io all services have been significantly improved and increased.

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Apility.io Blacklist API IP dashboard

What can Apility.io do for you?

In Apiity.io we think that the world of software development is changing. Because it is moving increasingly over models where the server and the operating system don’t have a major role. This movement towards the concept of pure development and focus on core competencies increasingly shifts more responsibility to the developers.

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