VPN shield description

VPN blacklisting – Custom-built databases

Apility.io’s philosophy has always been to be an aggregator of the best open-source intelligence data (OSINT). Over time we have discovered that open data sets cover a large percentage of users’ needs, but not all of them. For VPN blacklisting the available datasets are not enough, are not up to date, or simply do not exist.

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Udger Apility.io blacklists

New IP Blacklists February 2018: UDGER

UDGER.com is a leader in the detection browsers, mobiles, tablets, Smart TV .., also provides info about IP addresses (proxies, VPN, Tor exit nodes ..).  Since 2005 the Udger team provides services to detect of user agent strings. This project was called user-agent-string.info and was until 2014 freely available. During 2014 they extended the reach of their components and created Udger.com. The company updates their database several times a day to detect more strings.

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