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ZEUS-STANDARD-IP Blacklist - IP of ZeuS Command&Control

ZeuS Tracker offers various IP-blocklists that contains known ZeuS Command&Control server (C&C) assocaited with the ZeuS crimeware. ZeuS Tracker offers blocklists in various formats and for different purposes.

This blocklist contains the same data as the ZeuS IP blocklist (BadIPs) but with the slight difference that it doesn't exclude hijacked websites (level 2) and free web hosting providers (level 3). This means that this blocklist contains all IPv4 addresses associated with ZeuS C&Cswhich are currently being tracked by ZeuS Tracker. Hence this blocklist will likely cause some false positives.

About this list

  Source:  ZEUS-STANDARD-IP Blacklist - IP of ZeuS Command&Control

  Updated:  Every 60 minutes

  Visibility:  Public

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  Last update:  2020-09-24 01:31:10 UTC