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UCEPROTECT-Network Level 1 - Spam IP blacklist

The project’s mission is to stop mail abuse, globally. Every IP listed will expire 7 days after the last abuse is detected. UCEPROTECT-Network´s core database is fed by a cluster of more than 50 UCEPROTECT-Servers located in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Canada and Australia.

3 different BLACKLIST-Levels are distributed by the project and can be downloaded from multiple mirrors out there, FREE of charge. Level 1 policy only contains single IP addresses, which were used by spammers / abusers.

About this list

  Source:  UCEPROTECT®-Network Level 1 - Spam IP DNSBL and blacklist

  Updated:  Every 60 minutes

  Visibility:  Public

  Items:  310785

  Last update:  2019-10-15 03:28:10 UTC