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SSLBL-IP blacklist

SSLBL-IP Blacklist - IP with malicious SSL certificate

SSL Blacklist (SSLBL) is a project maintained by abuse.ch. The goal is to provide a list of 'bad' SSL certificates identified by abuse.ch to be associated with malware or botnet activities. SSLBL relies on SHA1 fingerprints of malicious SSL certificates. SSLBL offers various types of blacklists that allows you to block bad SSL traffic related to malware or botnet activities (e.g. botnet C&C traffic).

The SSL IP Blacklist contains all hosts (IP addresses) that SSLBL has seen in the past 30 days being associated with a malicious SSL certificate. The list contains IP address of malicious SSL hosts.

About this list

  Source:  SSLBL-IP Blacklist - IP with malicious SSL certificate

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  Last update:  2020-09-19 12:50:33 UTC