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AA419-ORG-1D-DOMAINS blacklist

Artist Against 419 last 7 days fraudulent domain blacklist

They offer a complete database of fake bank entries and companies. Advance Fee Fraud has been around, in various forms, for centuries. The basic technique is to convince a victim that they are going to receive a large reward in return for little or no effort on their part. Once the victim is 'hooked', the fraudster(s) will gradually reveal various fees that must be paid before the victim can access the fortune that they believe is waiting for them. These fees may be in the form of bribes to officials, duties, taxes, account fees, etc. As each charge is paid by the gullible victim, a new fee arises. Naturally, there is never any reward, and this process continues until the victim realises what is happening, or simply runs out of money. In modern times this form of fraud has become a major 'industry' in Nigeria, so much so that it is now commonly referred to as 'Nigerian Fraud', even when perpetrated by citizens of other countries. Another common name is '419 fraud' after Section 419 of the Nigerian Penal code, the section that specifically prohibits this type of crime. Whereas they originally sent handwritten letters with forged postage stamps, they now make use of the Internet to reach their victims.

This blacklist is the content of the site aa419.org during the last 7 days. We discourage any form of communication with these websites. If you chose to communicate with them you do so at your own risk.

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