Step 8 – API requests activity

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Once you have launched the first API requests you can start integrating it with your services. If you want to know the API requests you have made and their results, then go to the different activity pages of each service that are in the left side menu: IP activity menu


If for example, we enter into the IP menu, we will find at the top the search engine by date ranges that will help us delimit our query. Immediately below we will see the area where the graph is shown that allows us to see the evolution of our API requests over time. In this chart, we can also see a comparison of the requests that have found values in the blaoklists. This diagram is updated every hour, so we won’t see the updated usage in real time. activity charts


To know the use of the API in real time we have just below the tabular view that allows us to see what is happening. The data displayed varies between the different resources. In the case of the IP address, it will be shown when the request was made, which IP was requested, and if it appears on any blacklist, in which ones. Activity tables


Sometimes the amount of information is too large and it is necessary to reduce the displayed information. By default, only the IP addresses that are in a blacklist are shown. If we want to change this filter we can act on the switch inside the panel’ System Activity’.

To finish, if we want to visualize information in detail of the IP or the blacklist, we only have to click on them and different information screens will open. Activity IP details


The historical information displayed is restricted to the retention period of the plan selected. The more advanced plan, the larger the amount of historical data stored. IP blocklist details

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