Step 1 – The Register Process

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To enjoy the API and the different Apility. io services it is necessary for the user to register on our platform. Once registered, the user will have access to a 30-day Trial of the service that will allow you to know without any cost the benefits of our solution. If after these 30 days the user does not enter the method of payment, you will enjoy the service for free for an unlimited period of time but with some restrictions. You can read our detailed plans here. If you enter a payment method, each month an amount will be charged according to the chosen plan. registration page

To register, you must go to the registration page. You can do this from here or from the Home Page. The registration page will ask you for information necessary to create a new account on the platform:

  • Your First name and Last name
  • Email
  • Password

Please do not forget to read our Terms of Service, and confirm that agrees with them.

Once this data has been entered correctly, the user will proceed to create an account. You will be redirected to the service Overview page, where you can see that the account is not yet fully activated. Dashboard Overview page

You must check your mailbox and open the email sent to you to confirm your registration by clicking on the link. Once you have completed this process, your account is now fully activated. If you forget to confirm your account, it will be automatically disabled within 24 hours. Verification Registry Email

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