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How to install

This Python library client is supported for Python 2 and 3, for versions 2.7+ and 3.4+ respectively. It is recommended that Python 2 users use python 2.7.9+ to take advantage of the SSL Certificate Validation feature that is not included in earlier versions. You can install the Python Client Library with pip

$ sudo pip install apilityio-lib


There is a good blog post with basic information about the library. You can read the Python documentation API Reference hosted in popular site The developer can start using the API right away, even without registering in the service. If you have any question you can visit the website at, review the REST API specification at and also read the User Guide at


Do you have an issue using the Apilityio Client Libraries? Or perhaps some feedback for how we can improve them? Feel free to let us know on our issue tracker.

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