What is the difference between hits and requests?

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Apility.io is composed of different blacklists built of different resources. The computational cost of consulting a blacklist of an IP is not the same as checking an email or domain.

We have two units that help us to carry out this measure:

  • HITS are the number of internal calls that a service needs for a given resource. For example, to query an IP in a blacklist or calculate its geo-location, a HIT is required for each of these API requests.
  • REQUESTS are the calls that customers and users make to the services of each resource through APIs. Depending on the REQUEST the resource can bundle several HITS.

On the Apility.io platform, requests to different resources for APIs consume the following HITS:

  • Check of IP blacklists: 1 HIT per REQUEST.
  • Look up of IP geo-location: 1 HIT per REQUEST.
  • Look up of Autonomous System by IP or NUM: 1 HIT per REQUEST.
  • Check of blacklists of domains: 5 HIT per REQUEST.
  • Check of blacklists of Emails: 10 HIT per REQUEST.
  • Access to historical information of IP addresses, domain or email: 1 HIT per REQUEST.
  • WHOIS IP address information: 1 HIT per REQUEST.
  • Full IP address reputation info: 5 HIT PER REQUEST.

Thus, a client who has registered (40000 HITS/day) will be able to do daily:

  • Up to 40000 IP blacklist requests, geo-location or Autonomous Systems.
  • Up to 8000 blacklist requests for domains.
  • Up to 4000 e-mail blacklist requests.

Of course, it is possible to combine API calls from different resources until the contracted quota is reached.

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