What is the difference between an Anonymous and a Registered account?

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When a user first becomes familiar with the Apility.io service, it may be unclear what is the difference between an Anonymous account and a Free account.

An Anonymous account works without passing an API Key as an argument in the Querystring or HTTP Header. Therefore, the only way to identify the user on the platform is by the source IP address. When a user operates in this mode she only has access to basic API services, limiting the daily number of hits to 100 and 50 per minute, and all the capabilities of the platform that need an API Key to work are disabled.

A Registered account belongs to a registered user who has decided not to switch to a payment plan after the Trial Period of the service has expired. A Free account enjoys all the capabilities of an Anonymous account, plus the service usage limits are higher by increasing the number of hits per day to 250 API with 50 hits per minute and 1 Real-time alert. And yes, it’s free forever.

A very reasonable question that any user could ask is: Is it worth registering for the Free account instead of the anonymous option? In our opinion, Yes, it is worth it. In addition to having higher usage quotas, the registered user has access to more API capabilities, the management Dashboard to configure the API service and can switch at any time from the Free Plan to any Paid Plan if she needs to access some of the capabilities only available in the top plans.

So go now and register to enjoy our 30 days Trial period!

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