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Step 8 – API requests activity

Once you have launched the first API requests you can start integrating it with your services. If you want to know the API requests you have made and their results, then go to the different activity pages of each service that are in the left side menu.
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Step 6 – Choose what blacklists to use

All payment plans allow you to choose which blacklists to include in the searches we will perform with the API. Depending on the type of search we do (IP, Domain or Mail) we can configure each of the groups individually. To configure these lists, select the BLACKLISTS side menu option.
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Step 5 – Billing and Subscriptions

All plans enjoy monthly subscription billing plans. These plans are automatically renewed on a monthly basis until the customer cancels. To be able to contract a plan, you need to enter the billing data and the payment method that will be used on a recurring basis.
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Step 1 – The Register Process

To enjoy the API and the different Apility. io services it is necessary for the user to register on our platform. Once registered, the user will have access to a 30-day Trial of the service that will allow you to know without any cost the benefits of our solution. If after these 30 days the user does not enter the method of payment, you will enjoy the service for free for an unlimited period of time but with some restrictions. You can read our detailed plans here. If you enter a payment method, each month an amount will be charged according to the chosen plan.
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