GDPR for lazy people: Block all European users with Cloudflare Workers

Blocking 500 million users is a serious thing. Still, I have found sites that have decided to implement the most secure way to comply with the new GDPR: Block all EU users! Yes, it’s hard to believe that somebody takes such a drastic decision, but it’s happening. Trying to walk in the shoes of these GDPR Taliban, I realized that I wrote just a few days ago how to block all the traffic coming from one or more continents with Cloudflare Workers and Apility API! So, I realized that I have just created the most simple and powerful tool to be 100% GDPR compliant! No Europeans? No problem anymore!

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Automatic IP address quarantine: ban IP if domain or email is negative

If you have a SaaS service or you manage the registration system in a forum I am sure you are familiar with this problem: A user registers for the first time in your service, and for some reason decides to create not one, but multiple accounts. When he has consumed the trial period of one account, then he consumes the credit of the other accounts he created. This is the case for Automatic IP address quarantine.

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