Apility.io NiX SPAM Blacklist

New IP Blacklist January 2018: NiX Spam

NiX SPAM IP blacklist is an up-to-date collection of spam emitting IP addresses. iX is a very well-known German monthly computer magazine, published by since 1988. The magazine focuses primarily on professional IT. Within this area, it deals with a broad range of issues, ranging from various programming topics, server hardware reviews and virtualization, computer security to articles about emerging technologies and current IT-related legal or political issues.

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Apility.io Email Dashboard

Email Verification and Validation with Apility.io Scoring Service

The services offered by our API are like a digital Swiss Army Knife. They can always help you find a way to solve a problem or implement a solution in your applications. For example, the Email Scoring service can be used to perform bulk Email Verification and Validation. Email verification determines whether or not an email address is fully valid and deliverable. The process involves a deep analysis of each email, and this is what the Email Scoring service does.

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Google Spreadsheet AS lookup

Google Spreadsheet Add-On to analyze IP, Domains and Emails

The most frequent way our users use our service to analyze IP, Domains and Emails are through our API. They implement the calls directly into the code of their applications or develop scripts that consume our services and then cross the results with their data.

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Apility.io Ethereum phishing and scam blacklists

Ethereum Phising and Scam domains: New Blacklists

Cryptocurrencies are a new digital asset designed to work as an exchange method that uses cryptography to secure transactions. Bitcoin, Ether, Litecoin are some of them and they are becoming more and more popular. It is no longer a world for hackers and professional investors. Ethereum is

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Block Tor Traffic

How to block TOR traffic in your application

To block TOR traffic or any anonymity service out there is not an easy decision. Any product manager of online services faces this dilemma sooner or later: let users onboard in my service as simple as possible so they can test my product or harden the conditions for registration and therefore drive away potential customers.

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Apility.io IP dashboard

What can Apility.io do for you?

In Apiity.io we think that the world of software development is changing. Because it is moving increasingly over models where the server and the operating system don’t have a major role. This movement towards the concept of pure development and focus on core competencies increasingly shifts more responsibility to the developers.

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