Annual Subscription

One of the fundamental metrics of a SaaS business like is how long a user will be our customer. Without going into many obscure details about marketing in a SaaS business, it is quite intuitive that the longer a customer is with us, the more profitable it will be for the company. A common way to’reward’ loyal customers is to offer annual subscription plans at a significant discount. In return for an upfront payment proportional to the 12-month subscription, the customer receives a substantial discount for his loyalty. For a company, annual subscriptions have the advantage of having’money in the bank’ that they can immediately use for investment. And the most popular investment is in customer acquisition.

25% discount

So, at we want to reward the loyalty of our customers and for that, we announce the availability of our new annual plans. These plans have a 25% discount compared to the cost of 12 monthly subscriptions, so when a user signs up for an annual plan, they are actually saving up to three full months of monthly subscriptions!

Apilityio Annual subscription plans

How to contract the new plans

If you are not yet an customer, just register and choose the ‘Annual’ plan type from the ‘Plans’ page available in the menu under your name. Once you have entered a valid payment method you can subscribe to the plans you want at any time. If you are already an customer with a monthly plan, you can switch to the annual plans at any time simply by choosing the plan you want. If you still have a balance to consume in the current month, it will be prorated to the new annual subscription and you will be able to take advantage of the new plan immediately.

Apilityio Dashboard Annual Subscription Plans

Questions? Contact us!

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