We incorporate a new domain blacklist: SQUIDBLACKLIST



Squidblacklist.org is a service for network administrators the highest quality domain blacklists available for effective, targeted inline filtering leveraging various content control applications and platforms, including Squid Proxy.

The content in this list is known to be malicious domains. This blacklist is produced from data gathered from available, reliable open sourced data which has tested time and again, and proven to be demonstrated reliable sources, and this data be made available for us to consume, refine, and reproduce.

This blacklist updates every day and has an average of 65000 domains.

How to enable these new lists

If you are new to Apility.io and you have not signed up yet (it’s free!), then you don’t need to do anything since these lists are enabled by default with all new accounts. If you already have an Apility.io account, then you have to log into the Dashboard, go to Blacklists to enable and disable the lists individually.

Apility.io deselect Free Mail

As an example in the animated GIF above we are enabling Freemail blacklists. You should do the same with your favourite lists in the domains tab.