What is Nix Spam IP blacklist?

NiX SPAM IP blacklist is an up-to-date collection of spam emitting IP addresses. iX is a very well-known German monthly computer magazine, published by since 1988. The magazine focuses primarily on professional IT. Within this area, it deals with a broad range of issues, ranging from various programming topics, server hardware reviews and virtualization, computer security to articles about emerging technologies and current IT-related legal or political issues.

NiX SPAM blacklist stores of over 500,000 automatically generated entries per day. Every 15 minutes the NiX SPAM service updates the blacklist and after 12 hours it removes the IP address if there is no new spam from there.

Every 15 minutes a snapshot of the last entries can be found here. Their filter detects over 200,000 spam emails per hour, about 1/1,000,000th of worldwide spam traffic. This means that the NiX SPAM blacklist covers more than 50 percent of that traffic. So it seems that spammers use some 100,000 IP addresses at any given moment. But most of them are dynamic and change daily. Therefore an effective blacklist has to list millions of addresses. Or it lists any active address instantly whilst removing older entries. That’s the idea of the iX blacklist.

You can find more information in the German project homepage: www.nixspam.org. Further hints and discussions to be found in the German web forum .