In we think that the world of software development is changing. Because it is moving increasingly over models where the server and the operating system don’t have a major role. This movement towards the concept of pure development and focus on core competencies increasingly shifts more responsibility to the developers.

Most of all this model is becoming increasingly popular and offers more developer empowerment. Even in areas such as security systems. In the past, the safety of the environment where applications should run safely was the Systems Administrators’s own IT department responsibility. Now it is shared among developers of native cloud application and new Cloud Service Providers.

Hence, in a world run by the System Administrator where the blacklists of IP addresses, domains, emails, etc … all this information was scattered in various formats around the internet or in rudimentary API services as DNSBL. While they fit perfectly in the world of scripts and tools that System Administrators manage, they don’t fit in the sophisticated world of DevOps where everything is an API (REST if possible). at the rescue!

That’s why was born: to offer DevOps in this new world a Threat Intelligence tool to access to information that will enable them to know the reputation of its users and customers consolidating all this scattered online information and making it easily accessible through a single and simple REST API. First of all, we have integrated multiple open data lists in our API:
– List of IP disreputable
– Domain List disreputable, Disposable Email Address domains, dynamic DNS …
– Email List of spammers

In addition, these lists are integrated services that will help to classify them:
– IP Geolocation
– AS number of network providers

And this is just the beginning. Because we will add new data banks and services frequently, keeping our existing lists up to date thanks to our automated scraping and consolidating processes. Finally, if you want to take a look at our developer documentation you can visit here.