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Threat Intelligence Anti Abuse APIs

Our Blacklist API fast lookup tool helps you know what users are legit or not.

Our Blacklist API fast lookup tool helps you know what users are legit or not.

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Defend yourself! Use our anti abuse API in your apps and services!


IP addresses





IP addresses

Swiss Knife Threat Intelligence API

Get all the features you need to keep under control your users activity from a single service.

Find malicious user

Find those who try to abuse before they cost you money without hindering your on boarding requirements.

Threat Intelligence as a Service

Check multiple blacklists of IP addresses, domains and emails from a single pane of glass either from the dashboard or our REST API.

Updated abuse blacklists in Realtime

Lists updated hourly from multiple sources. Don’t waste your time looking for unknown sources.

Fast & Reliable REST API

Integrate our API in your applications and microservices. Our response times are measured in milliseconds, serving millions of requests in different geographical areas.

Real-time alerts

Don’t need to check multiple sources to know if your IP address has been blacklisted. Add your list of IP or CIDR blocks and we will report to you when they are blacklisted.

Email Verification and Validation Service

We score the legitimacy of an email address through a combination of validation techniques with our own algorithms.

Our most popular plans


from $7.50 /mo

1000 Daily requests
200 hits per minute rate limit
16 Real-time alerts
24 hours of historical data retention


from $75 /mo

40000 Daily requests
800 hits per minute rate limit
4096 Real-time alerts
30 days of historical data retention


from $600 /mo

640000 Daily requests
6400 hits per minute rate limit
2097152 Real-time alerts
Unlimited historical data retention
Hourly downloadable blacklists
Telephone support

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Product Documentation

Get familiar with our product and all its features.

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Learn our API

Learn how to use our API in different languages and environments.

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Can’t wait to read our documentation? Try this examples right now.

Stop losing money with low quality users! Use our API now in your apps and services in minutes.

curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/badip/
curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/badip/ -H "Content-Type: application/json
var ipv4 = "IPV4";

   type: 'GET',
    url: 'https://api.apility.net/badip/' + ipv4,
    async: true,
    jsonpCallback: 'jsonCallbackMetadata',
    contentType: "application/json",
    dataType: 'jsonp',
    success: function(response) {
$ curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/badip/IPV4
$ curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/baddomain/DOMAIN

$ curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/bademail/EMAIL

$ curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/ip/IPV4

$ curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/as/ip/IPV4

$ curl -X GET https://api.apility.net/as/num/ASNUM

Frecuently Asked Questions

Send an email if you couldn't find an answer to your question here.

What is Apility.io?

It is a collection of Threat Intelligence tools delivered “as a Service” to help Product Managers, IT shops, Enterprises and Start-ups to know more details about their potential visitors, users and customers.

What is a Hit?

A hit is how Apility.io measures the use of the system. When you or your service request information to an API endpoint, a number of hits will be consumed. Depending on the type of the API endpoint it will consume one or several hits. You can read more the FAQ section of our Knowledge Base.

Can I use the API service for free?

Yes! If you don’t want to register you can test the API with an Anonymous account. But we strongly recommend to register and enjoy our Free Forever Plan. You can learn the differences between an Anonymous and a Free account here.

What is a Plan?

A Plan is a recurrent subscription to our service. Depending on your Plan, you will have more or less Hits available daily. You will also have more retention period for your data. Learn how our Plans and Pricing model works.

Do you store all the requests and responses?

Yes. Analytics and Big Data helps you to understand better your users. You can use our tools in the dashboard, but we strongly recommend to import your data into your favourite Big Data and/or Analytics solution. 

How much data can you store?

Depending on your subscription Plan your account will allow a larger data retention period. Starting from 1 day for DEVELOPER plan to unlimited retention period for ENTERPRISE plan.

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